Neo-Realms is a game development studio fervently devoted to creating worlds.

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Our worlds include:

Tower Rumble for Android and iOS

Tower Rumble is a crazy mix of MOBA, intense, fast-paced spell-slinging tower attack/defense and strategic Match-3 gameplay set in the fantasy world of Artyficia. Take on the role of a powerful wizard in Tower Rumble and engage in single-player campaigns or challenge a friend to local co-op combat to vanquish the rising ancient evil — or each other! Available now for Android and iOS!

P.O.N.E. Card Game

Protectors of Neo-Earth (P.O.N.E.) is a fantasy combat card game with deck-building properties. When battle is joined, the players choose their warrior cards from a deck and battle for supremacy in the land of Neo-Earth. Super quick to set up and fast-paced, P.O.N.E. takes the micromanaging out of card combat and gets directly to the game play. Will you the protector or the conqueror?

Neo-Realms Fishing

Since December 2004, Neo-Realms fishing has been entertaining the 3D virtual world of Second Life. The fishing system features various rod and bait types, an xp and leveling system for the rods, fishing quests and reward points redeemable for prizes, daily multiplayer tournaments for prizes and money, and lots of fun to be enjoyed with friends! Sit back, relax and collect over 150 different fish and items lurking in the water!


Open Beta for iOS also underway!

The Tower Rumble iOS Open Beta is also now underway! To join, just head down to and click the iOS link on the top header bar of the site. It will open an email address. Unfortunately for iOS there’s no direct link, so the link will...

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