Humans fight for survival in this alternate World War 2 fantasy world against Orc, Troll, and Undead

Take up arms and fight the good fight with 5 armies ready to field in this cost effective, easy to learn, and fun to play tabletop war game. Soar through the air with fighter planes and dogfight like never before in recorded history or defend your base from tanks built from nightmarish designs with allied artillery of epic magical form. Both heavy and light soldiers will follow your lead into battle with slick weaponry and deadly purpose in Fenrir. Do you have what it takes to stand victorious on the field of battle? Each player gets 1 of each card type from a single faction. The cards consist of soldiers, tanks, planes, and artillery. Each card defines a units ability and how many unites you may field in a game. Each player begins by placing their surrounding unites on the battlefield. When everyone’s units have been placed the game begins. The object of Fenrir is to destroy the enemy. Each turn consist of activating units, one at a time. When activated a unit may move and attack in either order, but may not split movement up. Each unit has movement, range, attack, and defensive stats along with rule enhancing special abilities. The key to success in Fenrir is knowing which unit to use at the correct time and the best strategy for attacking. Please take advantage of our free downloads for complete rules and detailed game play.

Neo-Realms Fishing for Second Life

Neo-Realms Fishing Game was created and 2004 and is one of Second Life’s oldest running games. Some features include:

  • Earn XP and level your rod up to 40 levels, with bonuses to catch chance, rarity, points, quest items, masters drawings and increased reward points
  • 450+ fish, items and quests to catch
  • Second Life regional Local Tourney System with multiple game types, options and trophies. Posts event listings directly to the Neo-Realms Fishing site.
  • Networked Global Tourneys from any location in Second Life.
  • Both Second Life regional Local tournaments and Networked Global tournaments that cover the entirety of Second Life
  • A variety of Global Tourney Types including equal rod and open rod tourneys and Best Catch Roundups
  • A variety of Local Tourneys available at each camp including Alphafish, Fivesies, and Custom Catch Only tourneys
  • An affiliate system where participants earn income with 20%+ commissions on all sales
  • Personal website for each fisher that  tracks rod and bait information, achievements, quest status, reward redemption and personal camp listings and events that post directly to the website
  • Fishers gain XP and level their rods for better bonuses
  • Daily worldwide games including Worldwide Best Catch, Crabbing, Depth Chargers, Grouchy McTagurit, Golden Ticket Fish, and FishGolf for prizes
  • Clicking the rod gives you access to a variety of options, including buttons to find the next global and local tourney, worldwide game updates, the fishing options available at your current location, access your personal fishing stats webpage, current tourney scores, get help online and more
  • Listing of every fish you have caught and what’s left to catch on your own personal stats webpage!
  • Earn reward points with each fish caught that you can redeem for prizes
  • Fishing quests: Collect rare quest items to trade in for prizes. Quest items are managed on the server, so you can log in to request lost pieces and see what’s in your box to craft!
  • Minigames available such as FishGolf: where your casts move the ball down the course, FishBall: an 4v4 tug-of-war soccer team game, and Pocket Tourneys: where players can have their own mini-fishing tournaments
  • Dungeons & Fishers Minigame where you use your fish catches as attacks and proceed through a roguelike dungeon
  • Various rod options to control sound, animation, catch popups, rod chatter and user created custom fish catches
  • Official tourney stats and rankings tracked on fish.neorealms.com
  • Earn fishing badges to be displayed by completing special achievements
  • Supports player-created fish and items via the Local Custom Catches system

Tower Rumble

Step onto the battlefield of Artyficia and cast your spell combos in Tower Rumble — where tower defense (and offense), fast-paced action, and strategic gameplay blend with Match-3 mechanics for an intense, spell-slinging adventure right on your Android and iOS device! Build and customize your army from the ground up and face an ancient evil lurking in the shadows in solo Arcade and Campaign modes — or even rip a friend to shreds in local co-op mode!

  • Match and sling your ever-changing stack of spells to power your army to victory
  • Customize your army with 4 colorful skins and 42 customizable skills and power-ups.
  • Battle a friend on the same device in two player mode or campaign solo across Artyficia battling unique bosses
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Crossroad Creatures

Crossroad Creatures is fantasy tic tac toe with monsters!

Crossroad Creatures is a fun, easy to learn, quick to play game that puts you in the position of creature control. Your job is to keep the number of dangerous monsters down to a minimum in your castle. The game runs like a fantasy version of tic tac toe with random monsters and playful competition between 2 to 4 players. Have fun and enjoy the monstrous mayhem!

Protectors of Neo-Earth (P.O.N.E.) Card Game

Protectors of Neo-Earth (P.O.N.E.) is a tactical card game with deck-building properties. When battle is joined, the players choose their warrior cards from a deck and battle for supremacy in the land of Neo-Earth. Quick to set up and fast-paced, P.O.N.E. takes the micromanaging out of card combat and gets directly to the game play. Will you the protector or the conqueror?

Other Games

Decimal Force

Decimal Force is a game about learning decimal operations for 5th Graders on the Legends of Learning educational platform (5.NBT.B.7). The evil Dr. Recode has taken control of the robotic members of Decimal Force! It’s up to Decimal Prime and Dr. Maude to save the team with the power of decimal operations. Use decimal models to power up the Decimal Force satellite to find enemy agents, then solve decimal placement and addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems to save your friends and stop Dr. Recode!

Probability Quest

Probability Quest is a game that teaches 7th graders about compound probability on the Legends of Learning educational platform (7.SP.C.8.a). All was well in the Kingdom of Mathepotamia until King Egbert wanted to win some magic beans from the Trickster! With the kingdom lost in a wager, King Egbert must rely on the power of compound probability to win his kingdom back! Send your knights on quests throughout the land while learning about compound probability, independent and dependent events, graphing possible outcomes with trees and tables, and using tables to approximate empirical probability of events. Do you have what it takes to rescue the kingdom?


ConservationVille is a game about human impacts on Earth systems for 3rd Graders on the Legends of Learning educational platform (ESS3.C-1). Help the citizens of ConservationVille develop a more sustainable town! Farm, fish, develop a recycling program and help research ways to protect the town’s resources and environment for years to come.

Creature Kingdoms

Creature Kingdoms is a game that teaches 4th graders about Natural Selection on the Legends of Learning educational platform (LS4.B-1). Guide your unique creature species to survival by selecting from a variety of customizable traits! Use those traits to avoid predators, gather food and learn about Natural Selection!

Fossil Hunter

Fossil Hunter is a time-traveling matching game created for middle schoolers on the Legends of Learning educational platform (ESS1.C-1a). Dig up fossils, then place them in their correct Geologic time periods to see them return to life!


MogulWood was a massively multiplayer HUD-based movie studio game for the Virtual World of Second Life™. Create your own studio, recruit your friends, make your own movies, earn fame and reap the Box Office profits on your way to becoming a Movie Mogul!