Tower Rumble for Android and iOS

Unleash your armies over a compact, high-paced battlefield as you use your ever changing spells to power your troops to victory. Download for free at! More details to be released soon!


Neo-Realms Fishing Game for Second Life

Since December 2004, Neo-Realms fishing has been entertaining the 3D virtual world of Second Life. The fishing system features various rod and bait types, an xp and leveling system for the rods, fishing quests and reward points redeemable for prizes, daily multiplayer tournaments for prizes and money, and lots of fun to be enjoyed with friends! Sit back, relax and collect over 150 different fish and items lurking in the water! Click here to visit the Neo-Realms Fishing Website to find out more!


Protectors of Neo-Earth Card Game

Protectors of Neo-Earth (or P.O.N.E) is a tactical board game with deck building properties for 2-4 players. Players battle for control over castles that earns them points toward more powerful warrior cards. When battle is joined at a castle, the players choose their warriors cards from a deck and battle for supremacy in the land of Neo-Earth. Will you be it’s protector or it’s conqueror?



NEO-EARTH is a comic based on the concept that magic is an astral phenomenon that is not limited to any planet. The reason that magic doesn't exist is simply because it has left Earth. The setting of NEO-EARTH is an undetermined future when the phenomenon of magic returns to Earth and a new world begins. [Visit] MogulWood is a massively multiplayer HUD-based movie studio game for the Virtual World of Second Life™. Create your own studio, recruit your friends, make your own movies, earn fame and reap the Box Office profits on your way to becoming a Movie Mogul! Play Anywhere!

Create your own movie projects, contribute your skillset to the production process, then sit back and reap the box office profits when your movie goes off to the theaters! Test your movie knowledge at the end of each turn as you answer movie trivia for bonuses to your paycheck and movie production!
Tales from the Realm (1998) Written by Steven McCall and Bryan King Art by Bryan King, Farrah Langlinais, & Daniel Menikhiem The first collaboration of Neo-Realms, Tales from the Realm is the initial 32-page glipmse into the world of Neo-Realms Entertainment. From fantasy to science fiction, Tales offers you stories that give you plenty of action and excitement but take the time to make you think. You are guided through this issue by your beautiful tour-guide, Milieu. Remember, you can never get enough Tale! Tales from the Realm sweeps us through two exciting universes. "Blood and Roses", a Paladin's fight to avenge his lost love, begins our journey. We then travel to the darkened future in "Johnny and Angel", where amidst the chaos of the combat zone a dangerous romance unravels... Rated G, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Text. Full color covers, blk/wht interior. 32 pages.