Prehistoric Data


Neo Realms Entertainment was formed on the campus of the University of South Alabama by Bryan King and Steven McCall in 1998. Bryan, needing writing talent for his comic book Neo-Earth, and Steven, needing an art director and illustrator for his book Galactic Realms Unlimited, immediately became collaborators. Over the following years, Neo-Realms published the anthology comic Tales From the Realm, various collections of fantasy artwork, and created custom websites and database programming for clients.


The Aughts


In 2004 Neo-Realms started their careers in game development, utilizing the platform of Second Life for the Neo-Realms Fishing Game. The game was a hit on the platform and even after 12 years, the Neo-Realms Fishing Game in Second Life continues to be a popular attraction on the 3d platform, where many users while away the hours enjoying the game with their friends. During this time Neo-Realms also launched the Second Life Massively Social HUD game MogulWood as well as the webcomic Neo-Realms.


Neo-Realms Today


After saving up for 10 years, Steven McCall finally made the plunge to go full time into game development and the result is Tower Rumble, a mad mix of color matching spells, tower attack and defense and a touch of MOBA. Tower Rumble features same-device multiplayer and hand painted artwork from Bryan King. In development for over 2 years, Tower Rumble will be launching on Android and iOS in Summer 2016. Neo-Realms has also been working on the card game Protectors of Neo-Earth (P.O.N.E.) and expansion packs.


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